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FREE Valentine’s Day Family Feud Game You Won’t Want to Miss

FREE Valentine’s Day Family Feud Game You Won’t Want to Miss

Results are in! Survey says, this game is perfect for your Valentine’s Day party! Compete against other couples, family, and friends to guess the top answers to light-hearted Valentine’s Day Family Feud questions. Questions were posed to 100 people using an online form and some of the answers may surprise you! If you’re playing with kids, we’ve also created a kid-friendly version by taking out some of the “adult” questions. Bonus (for adults) – scroll to the bottom to see some answers that didn’t make the game, but are straight-up hilarious!

How to Play Family Feud At Home

This FREE downloadable game is in PowerPoint format and works best on a laptop or desktop. It includes sound, round timers, and scorekeeping features that are the real deal! First, download the PowerPoint game and enable macros. Then, print out the answer guide for the game show to use throughout the game. Lastly, enable presenter view and you’re ready to go!

Playing on Zoom? Because this game is on PowerPoint, it is perfect for virtual parties too! To play, share your screen and enable sound.

For personal use only. I used the FREE Family Feud template from Rusnak Creative and could not be more impressed with the quality and how easy it is to customize! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and is for personal use only, not to be sold or for resale.

Kid-friendly Version – Valentine’s Day Family Feud

As much as I love Family Feud, part of what makes it so funny sometimes are the things I wouldn’t want my kids to hear. Nothing in the adult version of this game is X rated but if you don’t want to explain to your 6-year-old what an aphrodisiac is, I’d stick with the kid’s version.

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Never Seen Family Feud?

If you’ve never seen Family Feud, it’s a game show on TV previously hosted by entertainer Steve Harvey and totally worth checking out! The goal is for contestants to accurately guess the most popular responses to survey questions. Before the show, survey questions are posed to a group of 100 people. Answers are then compiled and answers are worth 1 point for each person that answered them. The more popular a response, the more points the answer is worth.

Two families compete to guess what the top answers are in order to win money and other prizes. Throughout the show, Steve Harvey shouts the iconic phrase “Survey Says” as he reveals the top answers. As a viewer, before you know it, you’ll find yourself shouting at the TV guessing right alongside the contestants. The show is also incredibly entertaining because of some of the off-the-cuff responses that are sure to make you laugh. For a more detailed explanation of how to play Family Feud, check out this guide.

Bonus (for adults)

As promised, here are the top 3 straight-up hilarious responses we received.

Q: What would the world’s least romantic husband give his wife on Valentine’s Day?
A: A headache

Q: Name something a man gives his wife on Valentine’s Day?
A: Hint: it rhymes with perm

Q: What’s the least romantic place to take a date on Valentine’s Day?
A: Parent’s house

Want More Family Feud?

Design your own Family Feud game using the best Family Feud Template that allows you to keep score, add your own content, and customize team names. If you’re looking for something ready to play, check out this Family Feud Trivia Cards Set that has over 200 different cards you can play.

Final Thoughts

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