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Fun Valentine’s Day Zoom Backgrounds

Fun Valentine’s Day Zoom Backgrounds

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! What better time than now to explore some new virtual backgrounds to celebrate? Choose from a variety of festive Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds that are sure to please. These backgrounds are a great way to add a touch of fun to your Zoom meetings, virtual celebrations, or dates.

Whatever your style is, we’ve got you covered this Valentine’s Day! If you’re looking to celebrate Galentine’s Day, Anti-Valentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day, we’ve even got you covered with a few options of Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds specifically for you!

Download any of these Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds for free today! If you’re working in an office, check out these best-selling Valentine’s Day candy options perfect for the office candy jar!

Tip: These Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds work great for Google Meet and Whats App too!

1. Blocks of Love

Update your virtual background with these stacked blocks of love for Valentine’s Day.

Image of four wooden blocks each showing a letter spelling the word "LOVE".

Download Blocks of Love image

2. Heart of Hearts

A simple and sweet background with rows of pink and red hearts for V day.

Image of hearts from top to bottom of the page on both the left and right sides

Download Heart of Hearts image

3. Galentine’s Day

Celebrate your gal pals who have been with you through it all with one of the sweetest Galentine’s day zoom backgrounds around.

Image with "Happy Galentine's Day" on top of page

Download Galentine’s Day image

4. Roses are Red

What’s more festive than this bouquet of flowers? Who can argue – red roses are the most romantic of flowers.

Image of bouquet of red roses

Download Roses are Red image

5. Happy Valentine’s Day

Celebrate the holiday with this simple message as your Valentine’s Day Zoom background.

Image with "Happy Valentine's Day" on top of page

Download Happy Valentine’s Day image

6. Puppy Love

Who needs chocolates when you have puppies??? Show your love with this background that captures the true essence of puppy love.

Image of a puppy sitting on a heart-shaped red container on the bottom-right corner of the page.

Download Puppy Love image

7. My Heart in Our Hands

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating those who matter most, your loved ones.

Image of a red heart gently resting on two pair of hands.

Download My Heart in Our Hands image

8. Candy Hearts

Enjoy conversation hearts minus all the calories with this rustic, V day Zoom background.

Image of candy hearts of different pastel and white colors arranged on the top-third of the page.

Download Candy Hearts image

9. Heart Confetti

A glamourous shiny hearts picture frame for your Valentine’s Day Zoom call.

Image of a white card resting on a sea of red and pink heart-shaped confetti

Download Heart Confetti image

10. Heart Petals

Minimalist pink, scattered hearts are the perfect Zoom background this February.

Download Heart Petals image

11. Sweet Talk

If you’re looking for a festive way to update your virtual background, this one has it all – beautiful flowers, cookies, and presents!

Image of red roses and red and pink decorated heart-shaped cookies

Download Sweet Talk image

12. Paper Hearts

Pink paper hearts are perfect for any Valentine festivity.

Image of pink and red heart cutouts

Download Paper Hearts image

13. Blue Valentine

Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds don’t all have to be red or pink. Choose this blue background with assorted ribbons, hearts, and confetti.

Image of pink paper heart cutouts in a light blue background

Download Blue Valentine image

14. Pink Roses

Pink flowers for the most romantic day of the year.

Image of pink roses on the four corners of the page

Download Pink Roses image

15. Cupid Strikes

Cupid strikes just in time for your upcoming zoom date.

Image of Cupid with his bow and arrow on the top-left corner of the page with pink background

Download Cupid Strikes image

16. Time for Love

Ring ring! Let’s get this party started because it’s love o’clock!

Image of an analog alarm clock "ringing" with red hearts

Download Time for Love image

17. Dazzled with Love

Bedazzle your computer screen with these shimmering hearts.

Image of soft dazzling heart-shaped lights

Download Dazzled with Love image

18. Pink Valentine’s Day

Looking for minimalist Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds? This background is also perfect for a Valentine’s Day photo with friends.

Image with the "Happy Valentine's Day" message on the top of this page with pink background

Download Pink Valentine’s Day image

19. Love Will Keep Us Together

A Zoom background for those celebrating the one who matters most in this world.

Image of two fingers together each with smiley faces and the respective left and right halves of a red heart

Download Love Will Keep Us Together image

20. Blue Heart Confetti

Swap out your green screen for this fun background with heart-shaped confetti all around.

Image of red heart confetti sprinkled over a light blue background

Download Blue Heart Confetti image

21. Love is Everywhere

A sea of endless hearts and stars glimmer in this sea of pink Zoom background.

Image of bright light and shimmering hearts

Download Love is Everywhere image

22. Love in My Heart

Search no further – this pink heart is the sweetest yet simplest of our Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds.

Image of the word "love" in white color in a red heart

Download Love in My Heart image

23. Tree of Hearts

Show your growing love with this Valentine’s Day Zoom background.

Image of a tree with leaves of pink hearts

Download Tree of Hearts image

24. Bear Love

This bear’s got my heart! Show how much you love and miss that special someone with one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds.

Image of a stuffed bear holding a red heart-shaped felt cloth

Download Bear Love image

25. One Heart Stands Out

Take this as a bright, neon sign! It feels like one heart was created for you and wow, does it stands out amongst the rest.

Image of a glowing neon red heart that stands out from the others

Download One Heart Stands Out image

26. String of Hearts

Clothespin string of red hearts adorn this rustic wood background.

Image of red-hearts stringing along the clothesline

Download String of Hearts image

27. Shot in the Heart

Cupid’s arrows to the heart are a perfect choice as one of your Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds.

Image of sticks and hearts forming three Cupid arrows

Download Shot in the Heart image

28. Love Letters

Sign and send a love letter with this Valentine’s Day Zoom background.

Image of a whimsical cat holding a pink envelope with a red heart

Download Love Letters image

29. Moody Valentine

Not in the mood to celebrate love this year? Spend Single Awareness Day or Anti-Valentine’s Day with this moody Valentine.

Image of a furry dog bearing gift of a red-heart balloon

Download Moody Valentine image

30. Box of Love

I think most people can agree, this is arguably better, and cuter than a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Image of a pup donning a red bow in a gift box that is red in color in the shape of a heart

Download Box of Love image

31. My Yummy Valentine

The yummiest of all the Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds is here!

Image of three cupcakes with red icing and tiny white and pink hearts sprinkled on top

Download My Yummy Valentine image


Click on the picture links you like best. A separate window will appear with a virtual background tab that has the image file you’ve chosen. From there, right-click and download the image or save the image to your computer. You can also download the background images by clicking on the “Download image” link below the pictures.


Now that you’ve downloaded your favorite from these Valentine’s Zoom backgrounds, it is time to set it up. And it couldn’t be easier!

If you’re in a Zoom call already, hover your cursor over the thumbnail video of yourself and you will see an icon with three dots appear. Click on it and then select “Choose Virtual Backgrounds” to adjust your background image settings. Click on the plus icon on the right to see the menu button that allows you to upload a new image as your background. Next, select the image you like and upload.

If the text, such as Happy Valentine’s Day, is written backward, don’t worry! Uncheck the “Mirror my video” setting and you’re all set!

For detailed instructions on how to adjust your background settings, visit Zoom’s help page.


Now that you’ve chosen some of your favorite Zoom backgrounds, you’re ready to celebrate! If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day party ideas, whether it be in person or virtual, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Valentine’s Day charcuterie board recipe and our FREE Valentine’s Day family feud game for your upcoming celebration.


Thank you for checking out our free Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds! We wish you a love-filled Valentine’s Day this February! Check out these affordable Valentine’s Day ideas and affordable Valentine’s Day gifts this Valentine’s Day!

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