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Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas That You’ll Love

Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas That You’ll Love

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank! Valentine’s Day is a time to show your loved ones just how much you care!

Cost of Valentine’s Day

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend over $23 billion dollars annually. This equates to over $160 per person! Sure, Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate love, but who said being romantic had to be expensive?

Check out these affordable Valentine’s Day date ideas and these affordable Valentine’s Day gifts to make your loved ones feel special this year.

Traditional Valentine’s Day Gift Hacks

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Traditional Valentine’s Day Gift Hacks


A bunch of long stem red roses.

If you want to give flowers this Valentine’s Day, here are some hacks to save money.

Start Shopping Early

Person doing online shopping is reading information off a credit card while typing on his laptop.

Start shopping early before inventory runs out. Also, because roses are a popular gift, prices tend to increase closer to the day.

Opt for Non-Traditional Bouquets

Beautiful bouquet of pink and salmon colored flowers

Due to the high demand for roses on Valentine’s Day, they can often be expensive. Expand your search and consider other affordable in-season flowers.

Single-Stem Rose

Single stem of red rose over a bamboo board background.

Are you heart set on roses? Instead of a bouquet, consider going for one single-stem rose. Dress it up in a heart-shaped vase or repurpose something like an olive oil bottle to make it look that much more special.

Infinity Rose

A powder blue colored box with eight pink roses.

If you typically purchase a large bouquet of roses, consider surprising your loved one with an Infinity Rose. While these roses are not cheap, infinity roses are a great value since they last over a year without water!

Consider Other Delivery Options

Delivery person with a smile delivering a vase of beautiful red roses

Have a teen niece or nephew? Pay them a few bucks to drop off a bouquet of roses at your loved one’s office after school!

Or, try services like Instacart or DoorDash to have flowers and chocolate delivered! If you haven’t used these services before, take advantage of sign up offers for even bigger discounts!

If you’re looking for more money-saving ideas, check out these 9 tips to save money on Valentine’s Day flowers.


Beautiful assortment of chocolate arranged nicely in a box.

Want to wow your special someone with a box of chocolates? Here are some money-saving options.

Start Shopping Early

A man looking at the display case with a variety of different chocolates.

Like roses, chocolates are a very popular choice and the selection can run out fast!

Sign Up for Discounts

Hand holding a cell phone showing the words "Online Sale 50% off" and a "Add to Card" button on the bottom of the screen.

Most online retailers, including Godiva, offer discount codes for your first purchase or for signing up for an email list. Enjoy the same quality chocolate but for a fraction of the price!

Chocolate Making (and Breaking) Activity

Turn your gift into a fun activity by making your own chocolates! Fill this chocolate mold with a surprise inside for your loved one to find upon breaking!

Valentine’s Day Dinner

Dressed-up couple having dinner out, enjoying their food and each other's company.

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, you know it can get expensive. Avoid the crazy crowds and high prices with these hacks.

Check Out a Happy Hour

Couple enjoying some happy-hour food by the bar counter of a restaurant.

Happy hour can be so much more than just drinks! Many restaurants also offer a curated list of reduced-cost bites to fill you up!

Cook a Special Meal at Home

Dressed-up couple having a romantic candlelight dinner at home, table covered with a red cloth.

Nothing says “I Love You” like a delicious home-cooked meal. Make dinner extra special by setting the table with candles and playing romantic music.

Order Takeout

Three takeout containers each filled with different sushi rolls, on a wooden table.

Escape the hustle and bustle and save on the service fees by making it a night in. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant and pair it with a bottle of wine for a special evening.

Go Out for Dessert

Plate of fancily decorated dessert pieces, garnished with mint leaves and cherries.

After a lovely meal at home, head out for a fancy Valentine’s Day dessert and a glass of wine. Or, opt for items like gelato and crepes.

Go Out for Coffee

Picture taken from the top of two cups of coffee, with two different latte art

If you’re not a fan of crowded restaurants, why not go out for coffee? Enjoy a cozy evening sipping your favorite warm decaf drinks while sharing a pastry.

Plan Valentine’s Day Dinner on a Different Night

Couple on a dinner date on a location with a beautiful water view in the background.

Enjoy your celebration of love on a different night and take advantage of deals offered on days other than February 14th. Many restaurants offer weekday specials that will help you save money.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Whether you’re looking for great Valentine’s Day ideas to do out on the town or in your own home, we’ve got you covered! Here are some ideas that will help you create lasting memories that won’t break the bank!

Recreate Your First Date

Couple having intimate dinner at home, with wine over candlelight.

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by going back to where it all began. Go to the same place you had your first date or, with a little imagination, recreate your first date at home for free! Romance and nostalgia in one affordable package!

Go Stargazing

View of the back of a couple, seated and gazing at the star-filled skies.

Spend the night away from the city lights to admire the night sky – it’s sure to be magical! Not only will it make for a romantic Valentine’s Day, it’s also totally free! Check out the SkyView app for a cool way to identify stars, planets, and constellations. Bring a cozy blanket, snacks, and a thermos of hot cocoa for a cozy night under the stars.

Bake a Heart-Shaped Pizza

Heart-shaped pizza with basil, tomatoes, cheese as some of the toppings.

All you need is some pre-made dough, sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings. Mold the crust into a heart shape and voila! Dinner is served!

At-Home Spa Night

Lady relaxing while receiving a massage.

Spoil your sweetheart with an affordable at-home spa night! Set up a relaxing atmosphere, light some candles, prepare some aromatic massage oil, and give each other massages.

Reminisce Through Old Photos Together

Older couple smiling while looking at photos in an album.

What a fun way to celebrate love! Go through your old photographs together and reminisce about the memories you’ve made. You can also print photos to create a wall collage of your love!

DIY Wine Tasting

Four small wine glasses for wine tasting

Make it a night to remember with your own affordable wine tasting. Gather up some affordable bottles of different types of wines, sample them, and decide which one is your favorite! Glam up your evening with this wine-tasting flight set that’s sure to impress.

Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

fruit, cheese, chocolate pretzel, and salami on a board

Dress up your kitchen table with this gorgeous, DIY Valentine’s Day charcuterie board! Gather up some of your favorite cheeses, crackers, nuts, fruits, and chocolates for a tasty evening snack.

DIY Photography Session

Lady all dressed up with make up and hair done for a nice evening out.

Set up a little DIY photography studio with this phone tripod and wireless remote set. Get dolled up, strike some poses, and take cute photos together anywhere you like – fun memories will be made here!

Make a Romantic Playlist

Couple both listening to the same content each using one side of the headset.

Spend time together creating a romantic playlist of all your favorites. You can include songs that remind you of each other, songs you can dance to around the house, or maybe even some songs for other romantic activities.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Wooden arrow sign saying "Scavenger Hunt Starts Here"

Send your loved ones on a fun scavenger hunt around the house with this free DIY Mission: Valentine printable from the Dating Divas! Want to make your own kid-friendly version? Use pink construction paper and create your own heart-shaped notes and watch your kids enjoy searching for that next clue!

Rom Com Movie Marathon

Movie night in bed complete with a bowl of popcorn.

Snuggle up on the couch for a movie marathon! Don’t have Netflix? Check your local library! Many libraries offer streaming services that are absolutely free!

Romantic Valentine’s Dinner At Home

Couple cooking in their kitchen, holding hands, enjoying each other's company.

Skip the restaurant and cook dinner together! Put together a lovely dinner for two like steak with herb-roasted potatoes or salmon with rice pilaf. Not a cook? Order takeout or order a meal kit from Hello Fresh that is affordable and easy to make.

Game Night

Couple having a fun time playing video games

From board games to video games, set aside an evening to compete against each other in some friendly competition! Check out our free Valentine’s Day Family Feud game. I’ll leave it to you two to decide on the stakes.

Time Capsule

Box holding precious photos, cards, and other keepsakes.

Put together a time capsule full of memories, cute photos and keepsakes that reflect your relationship. Open it next Valentine’s Day and enjoy reminiscing on the memories you’ve made together!

Bubble Bath

Standalone bath tub filled with water and rose petals of red and pink color.

Draw a warm bubble bath and add these sudsy bubbles, snacks on a bathtub tray, and this tea light and rose petals set. Light a scented candle and put on your favorite tunes and relax together.

Virtual Dinner Date

Two individuals on a virtual date communicating online over a video chat, toasting each with a glass of bubbly drink.

Are you and your sweetheart spending Valentine’s Day apart this year? Set up a Zoom call with these Valentine’s Day backgrounds to feel closer to each other even though you’re long distance. DoorDash your sweetheart and yourself the same food, like your favorite tomato soup or some heart-shaped cupcakes, to enjoy together on Zoom!

DIY Paint and Sip

Person working on a paint by number project.

Re-create a romantic night out at home with your own affordable paint and sip. Buy a paint-by-numbers kit or some blank canvases, paints, and brushes for a fun, cheap Valentine’s Day date that you won’t forget!

Power Out

Couple embracing, enjoying each other's company.

In a world full of screens and distractions, sometimes the best date night is an unplugged one where you can enjoy each other’s presence without any external noise.

Breakfast in Bed

Couple enjoying breakfast in bed. He is having toast and she is enjoying a glass of juice.

Treat your sweetheart to breakfast in bed. Whip up some pancakes, bacon, and eggs and have breakfast ready for them when they wake up. Not much of a cook? Plate up some takeout or even have breakfast delivered for a special surprise.

Go on A Hike

Couple hiking and taking a selfie with the great outdoors as background.

There’s nothing quite like getting out into nature with your significant other and enjoying beautiful views along the way. Look up local trails near you for a free Valentine’s Day adventure. Pack some trail mix with heart-shaped chocolate or even a picnic to enjoy at the hike’s peak!

Bake A Sweet Treat Together

Couple in their kitchen baking together. He is holding a muffin pan while she is slowly pouring the mix into the pan.

Baking together is a great way to spend quality time with one another! Grab a muffin tin to make Valentine’s Day cupcakes or even make cute Valentine’s cookies with the kids or friends! Baking is a fun and affordable way to express your love.

Escape Together

Rubber stamp that says "Escape Game" in red ink, including a round-shaped maze logo.

Bond together over this escape room game at home. Follow the clues and riddles to see if you can break out alive with your Valentine!

Plan a Future Date

Couple discussing and making plans together with one person having a laptop while the other a notebook.

Get excited for the future and together by brainstorming great ideas for a future date or trip! Whether it’s a staycation, a picnic in the park, or dinner at your favorite restaurant, planning a date will give you both something to look forward to and cherish.

Take a Cooking Class

People having a virtual cooking class communicating online while a cook is chopping ingredients.

Cooking classes are a fun way to spend time together this Valentine’s Day. Learn new recipes, techniques, and tips while having fun with food in the kitchen together! Airbnb online cooking experiences and in-person Sur La Table cooking classes. Plus, you’ll have a delicious dinner to enjoy at the end, win-win!

Love Letters

Salmon color envelope with a heart-shaped sticker over the envelope flap.

Write a love letter to express your heartfelt emotions to each other. Include 3 reasons why you love them and a sentimental photo of the two of you. Seal it in an envelope and store it away until next Valentine’s Day and enjoy reading each other last year’s love note!

DIY Hot Chocolate Bar

Wooden sign saying "Hot Chocolate Bar" over a wooden table with different ingredients for a hot chocolate bar.

This cheap Valentine’s Day idea is easy and fun! Gather hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, heart-shaped candies, chocolate syrup, and other toppings for a fun night in!

Watch the Sunset

Couple on the beach, enjoying the sunset.

There’s something magical about this free Valentine’s Day idea. Watching the sunset together is a beautiful moment you both can share and appreciate the beauty of nature.


Couple having fun on a video car racing game in the video arcade

Feel like kids again with a night at the arcade! Take turns competing over a game of air hockey or racetrack and see who comes out on top.

Go Thrifting

Couple spending time together bargain hunting at a store

This Valentine’s Day date idea will leave you with extra money to spare! Visit your local thrift store and choose an outfit for each other to wear out on a date night you surely won’t forget!

Romantic Picnic

Couple having a picnic outdoors. Picnic basket with a fruit such as watermelon and banana.

Have a picnic in a nearby park in town or even in your own backyard! Pack a picnic basket full of goodies, like sandwiches, wine, and snacks for a cheap Valentine’s Day idea that will feel anything but cheap.

Share Love By Donating Blood

Picture of couple who just donated blood, standing side-by-side, their arms with bandages and hand holding to form a heart symbol.

This free Valentine’s Day idea also gives someone else the gift of life. Find your local blood donation center and donate blood to help save lives!

Coffee Date

Couple meeting in a cafe for a coffee date.

Go out for a cup of joe and enjoy each other’s company!

Romantic Walk

Couple holding hands, taking a romantic and leisurely walk outdoors with fall foliage in the background.

Take a stroll through your favorite park or place in town hand-in-hand. Take in the gorgeous views and enjoy some quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Take a Dance Class

Couple of dancers, facing each other, embracing.

Surprise your partner with a dance class at your local dance studio or community center – it’ll be fun, affordable, and memorable! Whether you choose swing, salsa, or ballroom dancing – get your groove on and move to the rhythm of love.

Volunteer Together

Couple of volunteers wearing matching blue T-shirts with the "recycle" logo posing with their thumbs up

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing love in your community. Find a local organization that you both want to support and spend this v-day volunteering together. Grab some food after and talk about your experience – it’s sure to be a meaningful day.

Couple having a great time at the art gallery

Art is an expression of love. What’s more fitting than visiting your local art museum or gallery on Valentine’s Day? Many museums offer affordable or even free admission, so you can soak in the culture at a great price.

Dress Up

Lady all dressed up with make up and hair done for a nice evening out.

No matter what activity you decide to do, you can make it extra special by dressing up for the occasion. Whether you’re at home or going out, getting dressed up is free and will make your day that much more special!

Plant Something Together

Couple planting together with one holding a flower pot while the other person scoops some soil into it before putting a plant into the pot.

Share your love and plant something like flowers or herbs together. Watching the little green sprouts grow will remind you both of your connection and love. Plus, it’s affordable, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for weeks to come!

Make Meaningful Art Together

Wooden Home Sign made of three boards with the words "Home", "Sweet", "Home"

Stop by your local craft store and pick up some wood planks and Home Sweet Home stencils to make meaningful art together. This will be an activity that you both can look back on down the line and remember fondly! Plus, it makes for cute decor for your home.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you choose to do, Valentine’s Day celebrations are all about the thought behind them. Showing love doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. So don’t let your budget stand in the way of showing your loved one how much they mean to you – try out one of these unique experiences today!

Looking for gift ideas? Check out our list of affordable Valentine’s Day gifts.

We can’t wait to hear how you spent Valentine’s Day. Share with us in the comments below!