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Best Selling Valentine’s Day Candy for Your Office Candy Jar

Best Selling Valentine’s Day Candy for Your Office Candy Jar

Bring joy to your workplace this Valentine’s Day with an assortment of delightful candy and treats your coworkers won’t forget! Not only is this a great way to show your colleagues you care, but it will also bring a smile to their faces every time they reach for a treat from the office candy jar. Here’s a list post of top-selling, Valentine’s Day candy that will bring sweetness to your office this Valentine’s Day.

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Classic Valentine’s Day Candy Options

Choosing a classic candy option for your office candy jar is a surefire way to hit the sweet spot. These sugary treats have stood the test of time, offering satisfying moments of nostalgia and comfort. You’ll love looking through this list of Valentine’s Day candy that has captured hearts for generations!

HERSHEY'S KISSES Milk Chocolate Snoopy and Friends, Valentine's Day Candy Bag, 9.5 oz
$7.78 ($0.82 / Ounce)

This classic Valentine's Day treat is the perfect candy choice to fill candy dishes with lots of nostalgic love! These Hershey's Kisses are wrapped in fun Valentine's Day foils featuring none other than Snoopy and friends. Show co-workers, friends and family members how much you care by giving them these fun, creamy bite-size milk chocolate pieces anywhere and at any time.

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06/21/2024 03:50 am GMT
HERSHEY’S and REESE’S Cupid’s Mix Chocolate Assortment Valentine’s Day Candy, 23.67 Oz Variety Bag
$11.97 ($0.51 / Ounce)

Sprinkle some love at your workplace this Valentine's Day with HERSHEY'S and REESE'S Cupid's Mix Chocolate assortment. These chocolates are individually wrapped favorites and are sure to sweeten the bond among co-workers. Coworkers will love choosing a sweet treat from the candy bowl this Valentine's Day!

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06/21/2024 03:56 am GMT
DOVE PROMISES Milk & Dark Chocolate Valentines Day Candy Hearts, 24.2 oz Bag
$28.95 ($1.20 / Ounce)

Indulge your coworkers with DOVE PROMISES Milk & Dark Chocolate Hearts this Valentine's Day. These luxurious chocolates are elegantly wrapped and will fill your office candy jar with around 100 pieces of love and warmth from each special message inside. Who needs conversation hearts when you have these treats? These also make a sweet addition to Valentine's Day gifts for the sweetheart in your life!

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06/21/2024 11:43 am GMT
Love Buttermints Candy - Approximately 100 Buttermints - 13 Ounce Bag - Individually Wrapped, great for Valentine's Day, Weddings, Anniversaries
$14.49 ($1.11 / Ounce)

Share these soft buttermints available in an assortment of beautiful heart wrappers this Valentine's Day! Each bag contains approximately 100 mints in pink and red wrappers that will sweeten your day. This old-school candy classic will melt in your mouth!

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06/19/2024 12:45 pm GMT
Twizzlers Twists Strawberry Flavored Individually Wrapped Bulk Candy Pack for Party Favors, Birthdays, and Giveaways - Delicious Red Small Licorice Candy Treats Satisfy Sweet Tooth Cravings, 2lb
$24.00 ($0.75 / Ounce)

Twizzlers Twists are the ultimate nostalgic sweet treat, and they are individually-wrapped, red licorice candies that's easy to store and share! With its iconic strawberry flavor, these mini red twists satisfy sweet tooth cravings and offering convenience for on-the-go snacking. This candy selection is also available in both cherry and watermelon!

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06/19/2024 12:51 pm GMT
Best Seller
HERSHEY’S HUGS & KISSES Assorted Milk Chocolate and White Creme Candy, Valentine’s Day, 23.5 Oz Bag
$23.99 ($1.02 / Ounce)

This classic Valentine's Day chocolate will add color to your candy bowl with its beautiful pink and silver foil wraps. It is a perfect for delicious treat for your loved ones! This bag contains an assortment of milk chocolate and milk chocolate hugged by white creme swirls and is a great sweet to share at the office.

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06/19/2024 12:59 pm GMT
Valentines Day Lollipops Mini Red Heart Shaped Strawberry Flavored Lollipop, Individually Wrapped, 5g Lollipops (40 Lollipops (Half-Pound))
$7.99 ($1.00 / Ounce)

Spread sweetness and share love with these red, Valentine's Day candy treats. These mini red heart lollipops are individually wrapped and make a great candy gift for anyone stopping by your desk. One package contains roughly 80 strawberry-flavored, heart-shaped lollipops per pound. This Valentine's candy is also available in half-pound increments.

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06/19/2024 01:29 pm GMT
REESE'S Miniatures and Hearts Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter, Valentine's Day Candy, 23.75 Oz Variety Bag
$22.00 ($0.92 / Ounce)

Make Valentine's Day gift-giving even more exciting with REESE'S Miniatures milk chocolate peanut butter cups. These treats will make your coworkers feel loved! REESE'S are classic treats, and of course, will be a favorite candy in the jar! These treats are themed perfectly for Valentine's Day and come in red wrappers that your friends and colleagues will love! Don't forget to keep a few for yourself, too!

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06/19/2024 01:36 pm GMT
HERSHEY'S NUGGETS Assorted Chocolate, Valentine's Day Candy Party Pack, 31.5 oz
$13.15 ($0.42 / Ounce)

This HERSHEY'S NUGGETS Assorted Chocolate Candy bulk party pack contains 31.5 ounces of individually wrapped old-school classics. The vibrant silver and gold foils enhance their attractiveness and are ideal for boosting workplace morale. This Valentine's Day candy assortment includes Hershey's special dark mildly sweet chocolate with almonds, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds, and extra creamy milk chocolate with almonds and toffee.

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06/19/2024 01:49 pm GMT

Gourmet Valentine’s Day Candy Options

Venture beyond the traditional this Valentine’s Day and treat your coworkers to a gourmet treat with one of these gourmet candy options. Each piece is a carefully crafted work of art, blending quality ingredients with masterful techniques to deliver taste sensations that last. These premium candies transform the simple act of sharing sweets into a sophisticated and memorable occasion, creating an atmosphere of indulgence and appreciation. Elevate your Valentine’s Day gifting game and leave a lasting impression on your colleagues.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Assortment Duet Hearts - 15.4oz.

Elevate Valentine's Day with luscious candy hearts that comes in with a curated selection of loved flavors including white chocolate caramel, milk chocolate caramel, dark chocolate sea salt caramel, and milk chocolate. Ghiradelli is a luxury Valentine's Day candy made with high-quality ingredients and sustainably sourced cocoa beans that can't be missed! This Valentine's Day candy comes in themed packaging, makes a great gift, and adds a festive touch to spread cheer!

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Ferrero Rocher Collection, 48 Count, Gourmet Assorted Hazelnut Chocolate and Coconut, Valentine's Chocolate, 18.2 oz
$30.20 ($1.66 / Ounce)

This Valentine's Day chocolate is sure to impress! This collection contains an assortment of Ferrero Rocher including the iconic original with hazelnut milk chocolate, lusciously layered Raffaello with white almond, cream, and coconut, and the delicious dark chocolate of Rondnoir. These indulgent chocolates will brighten up any office candy bowl and bring a smile to your colleagues' faces. Looking for a gift? This box of chocolates is also perfect for giving to loved ones as a token of appreciation on Valentine's Day.

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06/19/2024 02:26 pm GMT
DOVE PROMISES Dark Chocolate Candy Individually Wrapped Bulk Pack( 43.07 oz, 150 Piece) Bag
$39.12 ($0.91 / Ounce)

Share love this Valentine's Day with one of the most popular Valentine's Day chocolate options out there! Every bite contains fine quality cacao and is rich with flavor. And of course, who needs conversation hearts when each individually wrapped piece has a special message in store under the foil wrapper?

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06/19/2024 02:33 pm GMT
Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Candy Truffles, Valentine's Day Chocolate, 50.8 oz., 120 Count
$45.20 ($0.89 / Ounce)

These luxurious individually wrapped, Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Candy Truffles are superior-quality treats that come in gorgeous red wrappers! They are perfect for as treats in the candy jar, as Valentine's Day gifts for the sweethearts in your life, and as a little self-indulgence too!

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06/19/2024 03:13 pm GMT
Tara's All Natural Gourmet Sea Salt Caramel: Small Batch, Creamy & Individually Wrapped - 20 Ounce
$16.99 ($0.85 / Ounce)

Add these old-fashioned caramels to your candy jar to make people feel special this Valentine's Day. These small batch, sea salt caramels are made with simple, premium ingredients that will make you feel at home this Valentine's Day. With a homemade taste and color you can only get from small batch treats, these also make a perfect gift you can't find just anywhere!

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06/19/2024 03:39 pm GMT
Ferrero Rocher, 42 Count, Gourmet Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Valentine's Chocolate, Individually Wrapped, 18.5 oz
$27.03 ($1.46 / Ounce)

These premium chocolates are so delicious that they deserve to be on the Valentine's Day candy list twice! If you're not interested in the assorted box, this gourmet gift box can be given as is or the treats can be removed and added to a Valentine's candy jar. Share special moments with your family and friends, or find a moment to enjoy one just for yourself.

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06/19/2024 04:14 pm GMT

Childhood Favorite Valentine’s Day Candy Options

Take a trip down memory lane this Valentine’s Day and gift colleagues with childhood favorite candies that will always hold a place in our hearts. These childhood treats not only evoke a sense of nostalgia, but also make a sweet gift for your colleagues, friends, and loved ones. Here are some of the childhood candies we find stand the test of time and continue to bring joy with every bite.

STARBURST FaveReds Valentine's Day Fruit Chews Chewy Candy, Sharing Size, 15.6 oz Bag
$3.49 ($0.22 / Ounce)

Stock your office candy jar this Valentine's Day with the Starburst FaveREDS Chewy Candy. These sweet treats come in delicious flavors including strawberry, fruit punch, watermelon, and cherry flavors. Everyone will love this candy that comes in festive pink and red wrappers.

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06/19/2024 05:11 pm GMT
Ring Pop Valentine’s Candy Pink Strawberry Colorfest - 30 Count Bulk Lollipop Pack – Individually Wrapped Suckers - Candies For Valentine’s Day, Party Favors for Kids, & Pink Color Parties
$14.16 ($0.47 / Count)

Unwrap the fun with these iconic, strawberry ring pop suckers this Valentine's Day! These ring pops are a delicious treat that are perfect for a long-lasting sweet gift you can share with kids and adults alike!

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06/19/2024 05:29 pm GMT
SweeTARTS Valentine's Day Heart Pops 30ct (.56oz lollipops)
$14.99 ($0.54 / Ounce)

Who needs conversation hearts when you can say it from the heart with these tangy, Valentine's Day Heart Lollipops? These Valentine suckers are a delicious, heart-shaped treat in fan-favorite, delicious flavors such as blue punch, cherry, grape, lemon, and green apple.

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06/19/2024 05:56 pm GMT
NERDS Valentine’s Day Candy | Strawberry and Punch Flavors | Sweet and Sour Candy Individually Wrapped Treat-Size Boxes of Candy, Valentine's Day Classic Candy, 9.8oz, Pack of 24
$9.00 $7.50 ($0.77 / Ounce)

NERDS are a yummy, delicious treat for your special someone! With sweet and tangy fruity candy bites of strawberry and punch, these delicious flavors are hard to resist this Valentine's Day! These NERDS boxes are perfect gift for a Valentine’s friendship exchange, and sharing with family members or coworkers.

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06/19/2024 06:29 pm GMT
Airheads Candy Bars, Variety Bulk Box, Chewy Full Size Fruit Taffy, Gifts, Holiday, Parties, Concessions, Pantry, Non Melting, Party, 60 Individually Wrapped Full Size Bars
$9.84 ($0.30 / Ounce)

While this isn't a traditional candy jar candy, nor a Valentine's Day candy, we couldn't leave this childhood favorite out! It comes in multiple flavors including cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry, white mystery, grape, and orange and are treats not to be missed.

Available on Amazon
06/19/2024 06:36 pm GMT
Chupa Chups Mini Candy Lollipops, Variety Pack of 7 Assorted Flavors, Individually Wrapped Suckers for Parties Office Concession Classroom, Pack of 240
$30.66 ($0.60 / Ounce)

These sweet treats are perfect for an office or classroom! One package includes 240 individually wrapped Chupa Chups mini lollipop suckers and come in an assortment of five delicious flavors. The flavors include strawberry, orange, cherry fruit lollipops and strawberry and cream and choco-vanilla creamy flavors that your Valentine will love!

Available on Amazon
06/19/2024 06:43 pm GMT

Valentine’s Day Candy Jars

Adorn your office with the sweet spirit of Valentine’s Day with one of these fantastic candy jar options to store treats. Imagine the delight on your colleagues’ faces as they find their favorite Valentine’s Day candy in one of these containers. Those who see your candy dish full of treats won’t forget your gesture!

Pink Smiley Happy Face Candy Dish

The Pink Smiley Happy Face Candy Dish is a fun ceramic dish to add to your reception desk or in your classroom. It measures 7.8" L x 7.5" W x 7.4" H and is perfect to store a mix of bite-size Valentine's candy. Place this jar on your desk to hold favorite Valentine's candy indulgences this year!

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06/19/2024 07:07 pm GMT
MASSJOY European Retro Nostalgic Three-Dimensional Relief Color Glass Jar Candy Jar Seasoning Jar With Lid

Store a selection of bite-sized Valentine's Day candy or treats in this retro, pink candy jar. The jar is hand polished, pressed, and can also be used to store sugar cubes and jewelry as a gift or to give any room that special Valentine's Day feel.

Available on Amazon
06/19/2024 07:30 pm GMT
SimplyImagine Acrylic Candy Dispenser Bin with 2 Lids for Bulk Candy Storage - Bubble Gum, Lollipops, Chocolate and More Snacks - For Home, Desktop, Tabletop or Wall Mount Use

This clear dispenser will help showcase Valentine's Day candy that comes in beautiful pink and red wrappers this Valentine's Day! To fill the container, open the top lid and fill with candy or a selection of other treats for your coworkers to find! The dispenser can be used out of the box on any level surface with provided non-skid rubber bumpers to eliminate sliding. Alternatively, the candy bin can wall mounted with included screws to store sweet treats too!

Available on Amazon
06/19/2024 07:53 pm GMT

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Final Thoughts

There you have it – our list post of some of the best, affordable, and well-liked Valentine’s Day office candy. These candies are perfect for gifting to your coworkers, friends, and loved ones as they’re all pocket-friendly and fun to share. Spread love and happiness in your workplace with candy and Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds and let this Valentine’s Day be a memorable celebration full of sweetness and joy! And if you have any leftover Valentine’s Day candy, add them to a Valentine’s Day charcutierie board as a sweet treat! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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