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FREE Egg-citing Easter Family Feud Game

FREE Egg-citing Easter Family Feud Game

Join in the fun this Easter with a FREE family feud game! This egg-citing game is perfect for all ages and will have you laughing all afternoon. This is the perfect party game to play after Easter Sunday dinner. Choose either our adults or kids version, download the game, and hop to it!

Having a virtual party? Check out these FREE Eggs-celent Easter zoom backgrounds that are perfect for your virtual Easter gathering!

Family Feud Origin

The Family Feud game show has been around since the mid 1970s and is one of the longest-running game shows in history! The show is based on a simple concept – survey 100 people and see which answers are the most popular. The questions are often silly and light-hearted, making for a fun and entertaining game show.

On the show, two families of five compete against each other to guess the most popular answers. As the contestants accurately guess survey results, answers are revealed on the big game board screen.

The Easter Family Feud Game Questions

Results are in! We posed Easter-related questions to 100 people and we’ve got the survey results to share with you! And, some of the results may even surprise you. Let the games begin! Put your skills to the test and see if you’re an Easter eggs-pert.

Easter Family Feud Game Options

Have a computer? Perfect – because our PowerPoint game is equipped with music, buzzer sounds, and a game board for a fun, interactive experience. Just download the game, open it up in PowerPoint, and you’re ready to go!

Don’t have a computer? Don’t worry! You can also find a free printable answer guide below that has all of the questions and answers you can use to play on your own.

Playing with kids? Check out the kid-friendly version available in both PowerPoint and a printable answer guide. Let the fun begin!

How to Play Easter Family Feud

The basic rules of the game are simple. Two teams face off against each other by trying to guess the most popular responses to our Easter survey questions.

Each answer is assigned a point value based on the number of survey respondents who gave that answer. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

To make things more challenging, you can also play with a time limit per question.

girl thinking with thought bubble that says "how do you play?"

Basic Game Setup

First, select one person to be the game host for the duration of the game. Before the game starts, the host will need to have a printed copy of all the questions and answers to reference throughout the game.

Next, project the PowerPoint onto a screen that everyone can see. If you’re virtually playing on Zoom with others, the host can share their screen with the group.

Finally, divide players into two teams.

Basic Game Play

To win, a team must reach 300 points. The more popular the answer, the higher the number of points.

Select one player from each team to compete in the first round. Have the host announce the number of top answers on the board and read the first question out loud. The first player to guess one of the answers on the board wins the chance to play that round with their team if the answer provided is the No.1 survey response. If it is not, the opposing player has one opportunity to steal the round by giving a higher-scoring answer.

The team with the No. 1 survey response or higher-ranking answer now has a chance to guess all the remaining answers on the board. The players on the team take turns guessing one of the answers on the board. Collectively, the team is allowed up to three strikes before the opposing team is given a chance to steal all the points on the board.

After three strikes, the opposing team has only one chance to guess an answer on the board correctly. If they guess correctly on the first try, that team wins all the points! If they answer incorrectly, the points go to the other team.

Select another player from each team to start the next round.

Fast Money Round

girl in shock holding money

If you want to play just like they do in the game show, add a Fast Money round for an extra dose of excitement! A Fast Money Round happens after one of the two teams reaches 300 or more points. The team that won now has a chance to play this quick-fire round.

The quick-fire Fast Money round is a series of five questions that must be answered in seconds. To play, choose two players from the winning team to share the fun in this round. These two players must collectively get 200 or more points to win.

We’ve added extra questions at the end of the game for those who want to play a Fast Money round or just want additional rounds of fun.

How to Play Fast Money Round

To get set up, have the first player stay with the host in the Fast Money round while the second player goes to another room that is not within earshot. The first player, who needs to look away from the screen, then has 20 seconds to guess the most popular answers to the five questions.

The timer starts after the host finishes asking the first question. The player has the option to “pass” on a question. If time permits, the host restates the missed questions and gives the player a chance to provide answers.

At the end, the points are tallied to see how close to 200 the team is. The answers and points are then kept hidden when the second player comes out to play the Fast Money round. The second player then returns to the group and now has an additional five seconds, for a total of 25 seconds to answer the same questions.

If the second player duplicates an answer that was already given by the first player, they must reselect a different answer. At the end, the points are then tallied and if they collectively are able to get 200 points or more, the team wins the Fast Money round!

Add Prizes

man celebrating

Who doesn’t love prizes? Up the stakes by picking out a few prizes for the game winners. Some fun themed prizes could be as simple as a box of egg-shaped chocolates, Peeps marshmallows or even an entire Easter basket full of goodies!

How to Set Up the PowerPoint Game

This FREE downloadable game is in PowerPoint format and works best on a laptop or desktop. It includes sound, timers, and scorekeeping features that are the real deal! First, download the PowerPoint game and enable macros. Then, print out the answer guide for the game show to use throughout the game. Lastly, ensure you’re in presenter view and you’re ready to go!

Important Tip: For a great PowerPoint Family Feud experience, make sure you assign the total points to the winning team at the end of each round. To do this, click the double chevron associated with the team and select ADD ROUND POINTS. You will notice two prompts: BACK TO SCORES and NEXT ROUND. Each prompt will take you to the next round. 

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How to Setup Game – Zoom Meeting

Because this game is on PowerPoint, it is perfect for virtual parties too! To play, share your screen and enable sound. If you decide to play the Fast Money round, think about putting the second player in a Break Room until it is time for the player to join the rest of the group.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your family and friends together and see who can guess the top survey responses to our Easter-themed questions!

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FREE Easter Family Feud Game – For Adults

girl cheering while looking at laptop

Here it is! To play, download both the Easter Family Feud game and answer guide! Don’t have a computer? Not to worry! Download and print the answer guide to play.

*Digital files are intended for personal use and may not be shared as your own, redistributed, or sold.

FREE Easter Family Feud Game – for Kids

father and son cheering while looking at tablet

Chick this out! We have a kid-friendly version of our Easter Family Feud game your family will enjoy! Kids will love playing our Easter Family Feud – Kid’s Version game at home against their parents or grandparents, and everyone will enjoy the festive questions.

Here it is! To play, download and print the answer guide for your game show host. Next, download the Here it is! To play, download both the Easter Family Feud game and answer guide! Don’t have a computer? No problem! Download and print the answer guide to play.

*Digital files are intended for personal use and may not be shared as your own, redistributed, or sold.

Never Seen Family Feud?

If you’ve never seen Family Feud, visit the official Family Feud site or even tune in live! It’s a classic TV game show that is totally worth watching! The goal is for contestants to accurately guess the most popular responses to survey questions.

Before the show, they survey 100 people and compile the top responses. When asked to name a type of fruit, if 10 of the people surveyed say “apple,” “apple” is worth 10 points. The more popular a response, the more points the answer is worth.

Two families compete to guess what the top answers are in order to win money and other prizes. Throughout the show, previous game show host Steve Harvey would shout the iconic phrase “Survey Says” as he reveals the top answers. As a viewer, before you know it, you’ll find yourself shouting at the TV guessing right alongside the contestants.

The show is also incredibly entertaining because of some of the off-the-cuff responses that are sure to make you laugh. For a more detailed explanation of how to play Family Feud, check out this guide.

Want More Family Feud?

Design your own Family Feud game using the link to best Family Feud Template that allows you to keep score, add your own content, and customize team names. If you’re looking for something ready to play, check out this Family Feud Trivia Cards Set that has over 200 different cards you can play.

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Create Your Own Games

If you want to create your own game, you easily can! I used the FREE Family Feud template from Rusnak Creative and could not be more impressed with the quality and customization settings! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and is for personal use only, not to be sold or for resale.

Easter Family Feud Game Question Ideas

Want to make your own game? Below are some easter family feud questions to keep your family and friends entertained for a few hours.

  • Share something a kid doesn’t want to find in an Easter basket.
  • Name somewhere you would hide an Easter egg.
  • What does the Easter Bunny bring to kids?
  • Name something you would see at church on Easter Sunday.
  • How many Peeps marshmallows come in a package?
  • Name a popular Easter candy shape.
  • What time is church on Easter Sunday?
  • What type of cookies might someone bring to Easter dinner?
  • Who might pay you visit on Easter?
  • Name a sign of spring.
  • Share a place you might go on Easter Sunday.
  • Name a popular activity people do on Easter.
  • Name an Easter game families might play.
smiling kids wearing bunny ear headbands

Final Thoughts

Thanks for visiting our page! If you’re looking for more fun ideas for your virtual Easter celebration, check out these Easter zoom backgrounds. For more virtual party game ideas, check out these party game recommendations. Hope you have an eggs-cellent Easter!