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How to Have an Epic Virtual New Year’s Eve Party at Home

How to Have an Epic Virtual New Year’s Eve Party at Home

Happy New Year! If you’re not able to celebrate with family and friends in person this year, don’t worry! Ringing in the new year from home doesn’t have to be a boring night home alone in your pajamas. You can have an epic virtual New Year’s Eve celebration that is super fun and requires little effort to put together.

Many people are staying home to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year due to the increased restrictions and surging infection rates. A party at home is a great way to avoid crowds and plus, you have the added bonus of not having to worry about driving home or catching an Uber.

Okay, maybe some of us are also opting for a stay-at-home celebration because we’ve forgotten how to socialize all together…but I digress. Regardless of the reason, here are five easy steps to creating a festive, virtual New Year’s Eve party at home!

couple having a good time with gold streamers in the background

Step 1 – Set the Mood

Grab some decorations and get ready for an unforgettable night. To transform your space, start by hanging a New Year’s Eve banner, balloons, and paper streamers. Move the couches to the sides of the room and turn your living space into a New Year’s Eve dance floor with these affordable options.


If you only buy one thing to set the party mood, choose this affordable party disco bulb. Swap out your regular light bulbs with these disco bulbs to create an instant party atmosphere! These full-color LED light bulbs rotate and change colors, instantaneously illuminating your party. They fit in a standard light socket and use energy-efficient LED technology.

If you’re looking to purchase something locally, disco bulbs can also be found at local hardware stores. These disco bulbs are affordable and both adults and kids alike will enjoy!

If you want to illuminate a larger space, you can also mix in some black light bulbs to complete the dance floor look. This light will also highlight so many fun colors in the room, especially glow-in-the-dark and neon colors.

blue and red colored lights in a dance club behind dj turntables


Pick up a few black and gold star balloons from Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree sells balloons already filled with helium for an unbeatable price of $1 each. If you don’t have a Dollar Tree near you, check out other great options from Amazon or your local party store.


Pick up a pack of paper streamers, confetti, and noisemakers while you’re at Dollar Tree, or order a complete New Year’s Eve party pack online. Or, consider DIY decoration ideas you can create at home.


Now that you have your party space set up, it’s time to choose some tunes to play as you celebrate the new year at home! Create your own or check out a NYE playlist from Spotify.

Photo Booth

If you’re home with your family or close friends, consider this fun, New Year’s Eve photo props set. Capture life moments with fun photos from your party from home. You can also make your own props using these DIY photo prop ideas.

three kids taking a selfie with party hats and confetti

Step 2 – Food & Drinks

If you will be dancing the night away, you’re going to need snacks to eat. Lots and lots of snacks. Plus, it’s New Year’s Eve and new year’s resolutions don’t start until tomorrow. You’re welcome.

If you don’t feel like serving a full sit-down dinner, choose some of your favorite finger foods to munch on while you and your family count down to the New Year. Here are some suggestions of things to eat organized by the level of time and effort you would like to put in.

Level 1 – Zero Effort


Order in. Thank you DoorDash.


Yes, even drinks can now be delivered. Can I get an amen?

Level 2 – Buy & Serve

table with crackers, toothpicks, cheese and a veggie tray


Pick up a tray of premade sandwiches, pinwheels, or cheese and cracker platters even the kids will eat and pair them with your favorite sides. Check out your grocery store’s deli section for a variety of seasonal veggies, chicken bites, and pasta salads you can serve. Buy some NYE paper plates and you’re ready to go.

Add a few dips and chips. Some favorites are spinach artichoke dip with pita chips, salsa and guacamole with tortilla chips, and chips with French onion dip.


Pick up a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider to cheers with at midnight.

Level 3- I Stirred It


At the grocery store, choose from a variety of great appetizers like boneless chicken bites, jalapeno poppers, potato skins, flatbreads, stuffed mushrooms, mini quiches, and mozzarella sticks. Pop them into your oven or air-fryer for quick, tasty finger foods to eat at your party!


In addition to a classic bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, pick up some berries or juice to make drinks with.

hands holding sparklers on a table decorated with champagne glasses

Level 4 – It’s Semi-Homemade


Sometimes I like the idea of making something but I don’t actually want to put too much effort. If this is you, here are some semi-homemade finger food ideas you can make. They only require a handful of ingredients.


In addition to a classic bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, pick up an infused syrup such as elderflower syrup to level up your champagne.

Level 5 – No Really, It’s Actually Homemade


If you’re feeling ambitious as the host and want to make something from scratch, check out some of these easy finger food recipes.

And why not also make dessert? Try these festive recipes for champagne popsicles and champagne cake to make your holiday celebration even more special!


In addition to a classic bottle of champagne or sparkling cider to say cheers with in the new year, make a signature drink such as sangria using fresh fruit or a classic old-fashioned.

Step 3 – Dress for Success

Now that you’ve got plans all set for your New Year’s Eve at home, let’s talk about what to wear. Just because you’ll be celebrating at home, doesn’t mean you should ring in the new year in your snuggie.

smiling couple dressed up in white and black with gold confetti and silver and gold balloons


Ditch the pajamas and fuzzy slippers and trade them in for something that will make you feel special. Whether that’s something glittery or maybe simply something other than pajamas, wear something special. Depending on how you celebrate, choose clothes that make sense for you. For example, if your party involves dancing around the house, wear something comfy but cute like pants or leggings with a flowy, sparkly top while dancing the night away!


Don’t be afraid to accessorize! Dress up your outfit with some accessories that will make it feel special and fun! Add a statement necklace, some glittery earrings, or even a festive headband. Don’t have any? Check out these New Year’s Eve party headbands and party hats to complete your look.

dogs with gold party hats on with champagne glasses in front of them

Step 4 – Countdown to Midnight Activities

Whether it be New Year’s Eve at home with your family and friends or just you and the dog, there are many fun activities to pass the time until the clock strikes midnight! These New Year’s Eve ideas below are sure to keep your party hopping all night long!

Keep Traditions

Even though you may not be able to meet with family and friends in person like you did in past years, think of creative ways you could maintain traditions virtually. For example, if you and your family traditionally throw confetti and pop noisemakers at midnight, consider still keeping the tradition and do it together over video chat! If you used to wait and watch the ball drop together in New York City, set up a Zoom call and have everyone keep their TV on New York’s big celebration throughout the evening and until the ball drops and send flying kisses across the Zoom screen.

Start a New Tradition

Ring in the new year with a new tradition of your own. It could be as simple as watching a movie with the kids or as creative as baking a secret family cake recipe together to eat at midnight.

If you’re looking for something intentional to do with the kids, consider having everyone in the family write down resolutions for the upcoming year.

There are endless possibilities to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home. Whatever it is, make sure to cherish the time and create memories you will never forget!

Attend an Online New Year’s Eve Party

I could not suggest this more highly! Ring in the new year by attending a virtual NYE party with a live DJ. Who knows, these new ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home may turn into a tradition that you continue next year!

woman DJ dressed in gold behind turntables with a sequin gold backdrop

Games (No Materials Required)

Games are a great way to pass the time and bring out the competitive spirit in many of us! If you are in the mood to play games outside of the traditional board games, here are some New Year’s Eve-themed game ideas that require no materials.

Two Resolutions and a Lie

Just like two truths and a lie, go around the room and share two true new years resolutions and one lie in this twist of a classic game.

Resolutions Charades

Act out common new years resolutions.

Guess that Song

In your head, without telling anyone else, think of a song that was released this past year. Share 1 word from the song with the group and then set a timer for 30 seconds. If someone guesses the correct song, they get 2 points. If someone guesses a song that has the word in it, they get 1 point. The first person to 10 points, wins!

Looking for more? Check out our other virtual party game ideas.

Dance Party

Turn the music up and dance your heart out. Whether it be to your favorite songs, a playlist you made, or a DJ’s live stream, party the night away!

If you have kids, it might be fun to have a game of freeze dance. This is where the music is turned on and everyone dances. When the music stops, the dancing should stop and everyone freeze like a statue. Anyone caught still dancing when the music stops is out. The last dancer is the winner.

silly couple dancing in the living room

Movie Time

If you’re looking for a low-key night, pop some popcorn and watch a movie together. Here’s a list of New Year’s Eve movies to check out.

Ball Drop

Did you know that the New Year’s Ball first dropped in New York in 1907? The first ball weighed 700 pounds and was made of wood and iron. Over the years, the design of the ball has changed and more recently, weighs closer to 12,000 pounds! Join millions of eyes from all over the world to watch the Ball-lowering ceremony at Times Square in New York. For information and fun facts on this long-standing tradition, visit NYE History & Times Square Ball.

Make a Toast

Take the time to toast each other for all you have accomplished this year and what’s in store next year. Make sure to also thank everyone who is participating with you at your New Year’s Eve party! It doesn’t have to be fancy – just grab something from around the house and toast in the new year!

Step 5 – Party The Night Away!

Last step. If you have guests attending from different locations, set up the video call invitation to countdown each hour until midnight together. As the party host, consider giving your guests a list of things to prepare prior to the party. This could include things like food, lighting, and photo props. Once you’ve got the details ironed out, send out the invite for guests to add to their calendars.

Okay party people. You’ve made all the preparations and now you’re ready to party the night away! As the clock strikes midnight, we will be raising a glass and celebrating the new year with you!

gold balloons, party hats and streamers with champagne glasses and a clock set to midnight

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! Hope you, your family, and your loved ones have a great holiday season and an amazing time together this New Year’s Eve!

Leave your worries behind because soon it will be a new year and with that, comes a fresh start for you to define. If you’re planning a party in 2022, we’ve got ideas for you. See you again soon!!!

notepad with handwritten "New Year, Fresh Start" on a table with coffee, flowers, plants and a leather bound book