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31 Fun Halloween Zoom Backgrounds You’ll Love

31 Fun Halloween Zoom Backgrounds You’ll Love

October 31st is fast approaching, and you know what that means – Halloween! This year, we’ve created a list of the best Halloween zoom backgrounds for your upcoming online parties. You’ll find something for kids and grown-ups alike! Choose from spooky, chic, and whimsical backgrounds. Check out our fun Halloween Zoom Backgrounds today!

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Spooky Zoom Backgrounds

These first 10 Halloween zoom backgrounds are sure to scare your friends! Choose from an assortment of graveyards, haunted castles, and zombie scenes. For your big kids wanting a background that’s creepy enough to be scary but not haunting enough to cause nightmares, scroll down to #9.

Not a fan of horror at all? No problem. Skip down to #11 and choose from chic and whimsical choices that are all Halloween vibes minus the creeps.

1. Spooky Castle

This spooky castle is dark, but not without beauty. The moonlight shimmers off of the castle, giving the castle a haunted glow for those looking from afar.

Download Spooky Castle image

2. Lonely Grave

This lonely gravestone has not a single sign of life around. Even the jack-o-lanterns all around are disturbed.

Picture of a lonely gravestone with a full moon overhead shining in the night sky. Also jack o lanterns nearby

Download Lonely Grave image

3. Creepy Castle on a Hill

This castle can only be reached down the long, winding round surrounded by a dark forest. The trees are eerie-looking as if their branches were reaching for you in the night sky.

Picture of a creepy castle at the end of a winding road that is surrounded by spooky-looking trees

Download Creepy Castle on a Hill image

4. Return of the Zombies

This is a virtual background that features scary zombies in their natural habitat – empty fields at night! They’re on the hunt and they’re coming for you next! Let’s search for somewhere to hide!

Picture of zombies in an empty field at night

Download Return of the Zombies image

5. Ominous Gated Castle

This castle is shrouded in ominous clouds. Add those creepy gates and who wouldn’t want to stay away?

Picture of a gated castle shrouded in ominous cloud

Download Ominous Gated Castle image

6. No Turning Back

As you get closer, you get an overwhelming feeling that the gate to this sinister castle seems to warn you away with its imposing size and forbidding appearance. Something doesn’t feel right, but there’s no turning back now!

Picture of an imposing-sized gate with a forbidding appearance that warns you away from the sinister castle

Download No Turning Back image

7. Graveyard

Is it just me, or does this graveyard seem to be alive?

Picture of graveyard with jack o lanterns and trees under a glowing orange night sky

Download Graveyard image

8. Haunted Woods

It’s hard to drive by these empty woods, and not feel like someone is watching you from the shadows. The trees are eerily still and the evening sky seems like it’s waiting for something. I hope no one is hiding around the corner!

Picture of eerily still trees in an empty wood

Download Empty Woods image

9. Kid-Friendly Spooky Forest

The trees are twisted into unnatural shapes by some sort of magic!

Picture of a spooky forest scene with cartoon bats, one with a friendly smile, enjoying the full moon.

Download Kid-Friendly Spooky Forest image

10. Full Moon

Do you hear that? Werewolves are out tonight and it’s a full moon! You’ll find me staying home because who knows what will happen next…

Picture of a full moon lighting up the dark clouds

Download Full Moon Image

Chic Zoom Backgrounds

These next 10 fun Halloween Zoom backgrounds are less scary, but are still perfect for your online party! These free chic backgrounds have plenty of colors and vary in design from glamorous to minimalist and everything in between.

11. Harvest Halloween

Nothing can bring out the feeling of fall like a festive, harvest pumpkin! Sign me up!

Picture of pumpkins and fall leaves against a rustic wood background

Download Harvest Halloween image

12. Stacked Pumpkins

Hand-painted stacked pumpkins are lit up by beautiful, glittering orange lights. This is the perfect background for any Halloween party!

Picture of hand-painted stacked pumpkins with glittering orange lights in the background

Download Stacked Pumpkins image

13. More Pumpkins

More pumpkins for you! A close-up view of stacked pumpkins and fall leaves is sure to get you in the Halloween spirit!

Close-up view of stacked pumpkins, fall leaves, and crawling spiders to get you in the Halloween spirit

Download More Pumpkins image

14. Candy Corn Please!

The candy corn Zoom background would make a perfect photo background! What better way to enjoy candy corn without all the calories?

Close-up picture of colorful candy corn

Download Candy Corn image

15. Carved Pumpkins

The orange lights of fall and some hand-carved jack-o-lanterns are the perfect backdrop for any virtual party!

Picture to two lit up hand-carved jack o lanterns

Download Carved Pumpkins image

16. Minimalist Halloween

This is perfect for those who want to keep their virtual background chic.

Picture of a small pumpkin with a few spiders provide a chic minimalist halloween background

Download Minimalist Halloween image

17. Minimalist Bats

These bats are flying off the page! This minimalist Halloween background with black bats and orange hues is the best choice for those who want to keep things spookily simple.

Picture of black paper bats flying over an orange background

Download Minimalist Bats image

18. Trick or Treat!

This is a virtual background that speaks for itself! Can’t wait to see all those kids in costume going from house to house dressed in great disguises.

Orange jack o lantern candy bucket toted by a trick or treater in costume on gray painted wooden steps

Download Trick or Treat image

19. Meow! Trick or Treat!

Make your Halloween purrfect with this meow-tastic background. This really cute kitty is ready for an evening of fun!

Curious kitten donning an orange bowtie with flying bats staring up at the title of the background with the words trick or treat

Download Meow Trick or Treat image

20. Trick or Doggie Treat

This sweet pup is ready to get in the holiday spirit!

Adorable white labrador with a red scarf holding an orange jack o lantern candy bucket in its mouth, black background with title of Trick or Treat

Download Trick or Doggie Treat image

Whimsical Zoom Backgrounds

Great news! These next 11 fun zoom backgrounds are perfect for the whole family! These fun, whimsical backgrounds make for a lighthearted celebration! Enjoy a spooktacular Halloween without news of a nightmare. Yes, please!

21. Whimsical Halloween (Purple)

These friendly witches and friendly ghost know how to celebrate in style!

Whimsical purple background with little cartoons of a white friendly ghost, few smiley bats, witches pot and a smiley witch in the corners and the words happy halloween on top

Download Whimsical Halloween (Purple) image

22. Whimsical Halloween (Orange)

This classic and fun Halloween background features a classic black cat, a great jack-o-lantern, and bats.

Whimsical orange background with little cartoons of a few smiley bats, black cat, and a carved pumpkin with a wicked smile in the corners and the words happy halloween on top

Download Whimsical Halloween (Orange) image

23. Whimsical Ghosts

These friendly ghosts look like they are having a ball!

Whimsical white ghost with a smiling face holding an orange jack o lantern candy bucket on the bottom right corner of a mostly black background with the words happy halloween on top in orange color

Download Whimsical Ghosts image

24. Whimsical Mummy (Orange)

We couldn’t just leave out our friendly mummy!

Whimsical orange background with a white mummy, black cat, and a bat with white fangs and blue wings in the corners

Download Whimsical Mummy (Orange) image

25. Whimsical Mummy (Black)

Is it only me or does nighttime give you the same haunted vibes any other time of the year? Thankfully our friendly mummy is here to bring us comfort.

Whimsical background with a mummy and a carved pumpkin in the corners. Orange words happy halloween over the black background.

Download Whimsical Mummy (Black) image

26. Whimsical Cats

This black cat would make any witch jealous of his mischief skills.

Whimsical black cat on an orange background with the words happy halloween on top.

Download Whimsical Cats image

27. Whimsical Spooky Halloween

That jack-o-lantern is sure to give someone a scare!

Whimsical halloween background with an orange carved pumpkin in the bottom right corner with a ribbon of grey and purple flying bats across the bottom of this black background.

Download Whimsical Spooky Halloween image

28. Whimsical Witches

These friendly witches know how to have fun! This Zoom background features witches flying on their brooms off to your house to celebrate Halloween!

Whimsical orange colored halloween background with flying witches as well as a witch standing with her cat holding a wand.

Download Whimsical Witches image

29. Whimsical Halloween for Little Ones

This sweet little group of best friends really know how to have fun!

Whimsical halloween background in orange color with a group of children in costumes having the best of times

Download Whimsical Halloween for Little Ones image

30. Whimsical Dracula

This fun Halloween Zoom background features Dracula who’s ready to celebrate Halloween with you! Boo!

Halloween purple color background with whimsical draculas ready to celebrate with you

Download Whimsical Dracula image

31. Whimsical Frankenstein

Frankenstein is ready to celebrate Halloween with you in true Halloween spirit! I wonder what else may be brewing…

Halloween background in orange color with a whimsical frankenstein

Download Whimsical Frankenstein image

How to Download Your Halloween Zoom Background

Click on the “Download image” link below the background you like. This will cause the image to be downloaded to your device.

How to Change Your Zoom Background

Now that you’ve chosen your favorite Halloween Zoom background, it is time to set it up. It couldn’t be easier.

To adjust your Zoom background, hover over your picture and add it to your media library by clicking on the icon with three dots to adjust your background image settings. Select the change virtual background option and upload your favorite free Zoom backgrounds and you’re all set!

For detailed instructions on how to adjust your background settings, visit Zoom’s help page.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for checking out our free Halloween Zoom backgrounds! We wish you a very safe, happy, and spooktacular Halloween this year!

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