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Nerd Out On Pi Day With These Pi Day Celebration Ideas & Trivia

Nerd Out On Pi Day With These Pi Day Celebration Ideas & Trivia

If this long string of numbers excites you, then you’ve come to the right place. In the spirit of pi, we’ve got 3 nerdy Pi Day celebration ideas and 14 Pi Day resources for you!

the first 150 numbers in pi

If you don’t know what pi is yet, believe it or not, you too are in the right place! Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th because the first three numbers in the number pi are 3.14. We’ve got fun facts and videos you can check out to learn more. And no, they’re not all boring! If you make it to the end, there’s even a pie recipe waiting for you.

3 Nerdy Pi Day Celebration Ideas

1. Take a Pi Trivia Quiz

Some may say it’s as easy as pie but you won’t know until you try it! Take this fun, quick pi day trivia quiz to test your pi and pie knowledge. Can you score higher than 31.4%?

2. Take the Pi Challenge

I thought it was a pie in the sky but based on the score distribution for this pi quiz, it appears that some people have memorized the first 150 digits of pi. Are you one of them? Take the quiz and find out how many digits of pi you can memorize.

3. Find Your Birthday in Pi

You may not know this, but you’re a piece of the pi(e). Your birthday in mmddyyyy format is one of the series of digits you’ll find in pi. How can that be possible? Well, with over 31 trillion digits identified (so far), you’re bound to find any run of numbers. Don’t believe me? Enter in your birthday in this Pi Day Birthday Finder to see what position in pi your birthday is. If you have other mathematicians in your midst, try to have each guess where their birthday falls. Anyone who guesses within a thousand positions deserves a pie.

young adults wearing birthday hats and blowing noisemakers while woman blows out candles on a cake

14 Pi Day Resources

There are endless ways to celebrate pi! If you’re looking for more Pi Day celebration ideas and fun facts, here are 14 resources for you that include everything from how to celebrate with kids to how to celebrate with coworkers.

1. Pi Day STEM Learning Video for Young Kids

This 3-minute video by kSmart explains Pi Day in an engaging way that helps expand your kid’s mind in the area of science, technology, engineering, and math. After watching the video, celebrate with your kids by eating something circular like pie, pizza, or pancakes!

young kid dressed as Einstein with math formulas on the chalkboard behind him

2. Pi Day STEM Activities for Kids

If you are looking for additional educational ideas to do with kids for Pi Day, check out these ideas from

3. Pi Day Worksheets for Students

These pre-made worksheets are great resources that teachers can use with their students. There are worksheets that are grade level specific and are ready to use for your classroom Pi Day celebration.

4. Celebrating Pi Day with NASA

Did you know that pi helps NASA explore space? Rocket scientists and engineers explore orbits and outer space using pi. Check out these 10 ways to celebrate pi with NASA.

astronaut in space

5. Watch a Viral “Why Pi is Awesome” Video

This Pi Day video has over 13 million views and is a rebuttal video explaining why pi is awesome.

6. Pi Day History with the History Channel

Ever wonder about the origins of pi? Check out this brief Pi Day overview by the History Channel.

7. Pi Day Activities for All Ages

Math Geek Mama has several fun ideas including pi day sing-a-longs, art projects, and puzzles to celebrate Pi Day.

mom and son working on science project together creating a planets diagram

8. Learn About Pi Day

Learn about pi from They have great visuals that help explain pi and calculations that use it.

9. Celebrating Pi Day at Work

Admittedly, most of these Pi Day at work ideas from Laserfiche have more to do with eating pie than pi but are great ideas nonetheless. Take a break at 3:14 PM to celebrate.

10. Commemorate Pi Day With a Pi Day Shirt

If you need a gift for a math teacher or math enthusiast consider this Pi Day t-shirt.

11. 100 Digits of Pi Song

If you’re going for that Guinness world record, you can start by learning the first 100 digits of pi with this song.

12. Guinness World Record for Most Pi Digits Memorized

Yea, apparently this is a thing. The person who holds the Guinness world record for the most digits of pi memorized is incredible! He memorized 70,000 digits and recited them in a session that took almost 10 hours! I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday.

13. Pizza Pie Facts

Check out this collection of pizza pie facts to enjoy on pi day.

three young adults sharing a pizza

14. 3-Ingredient Strawberry Hand Pies

Last but not least, what better way to celebrate Pi Day than with these cute hand pies? This recipe only needs 3 ingredients and making them is as easy as pie!

text says "3 ingredient strawberry hand pies" with a picture of two round hand pies with the math pi symbol cut out on top

Final Thoughts

Thanks for visiting our page! If you’re looking for fun ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, check out our FREE St. Patrick’s Day Family Feud game and St. Patrick’s Day zoom backgrounds. For more virtual party game ideas, we’ve got you covered too! Have any other celebration ideas for pi day that your family enjoys? Share by commenting below.